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When choosing the surface for a bathroom or kitchen remodel, many homeowners turn to the classic look and excellent durability of stone tile. Though choosing things like color and size often come down to personal preference, stone tile texture is likely to be a choice based, at least to some extent, on practicality. Of the six basic stone tile textures that are commonly available, each has its own pros, cons, and situations where it will work best. (These images are for reference only. Every manufacturer of the stone or its surfacing will differ slightly. These are just to give you a general idea of certain finishes.)

Honed:A low to medium gloss and an unglazed surface characterize this stone tile texture. Honed tile is likely to hold up better than some other stone tile finishes in high traffic areas, making it an excellent choice for floors. Though it is porous, its slightly rough surface provides traction. It has a duller, flatter appearance than polished stone tile.

Polished: A polished stone tile texture is very glossy and is prized for its brilliant color. Its surface is very resistant to moisture, but can become very slippery when it gets wet. Often used on counter tops and walls, polished stone tile gets its shiny surface not from a coating, but from manipulating the stone itself.

Flamed:A flamed tile texture is created under extremely hot conditions. When exposed to this level of heat, natural crystals in the stone explode and create a uniquely textured surface. Though porous, this texture, once again, provides a certain amount of slip resistance.

Tumbled:A tumbled stone tile texture is often used when a homeowner wants a more weathered, classic appearance. Its slightly rough texture is created by tumbling various types of natural stone to achieve a worn surface. Marble, granite, and limestone can readily be found with a tumbled finish.

Sand Blasted:Natural stone tile that is sandblasted has a textured surface with a slightly glossy finish. The process of sandblasting can also be used to etch images and designs in natural stone.

Sawn: Sawn tile's unique surface is created by using a gang saw. Sawing can be combined with other techniques such as sandblasting or honing to alter the surface even further. Appropriate in several different settings, it presents yet another option for those who want the genuine look and feel of natural stone.

Mixing Stone Tile Textures

Though you probably want to keep tiles used in a single setting relatively uniform, having different types of tiles for different rooms of the home is certainly a technique used by many homeowners. In some instances, you'll need a different textured tile for multiple settings, as the performance of each is more appropriate under different circumstances.

When using natural stone, it is important to remember that there is little telling exactly what a finished installation will look like. Though you can specify things like color and texture, the final appearance depends on what concentrations of minerals and water different pieces of the original stone has been exposed to.


  • To better hear the educational videos, press the pause button on the player, beneath this particular paragraph, to stop this page's music. These videos are strictly for educational purposes only. These are not promotional videos, nor do the views depicted in the videos reflect R.J. Precision Marble and Tile. There soul purpose is to be an informative tool in making an educated decision when choosing to renovate or remodel.


~~~~~~~~ Marble ~~~~~~~~

Thinking of maybe having Marble counter tops or including the marble in your renovation somewhere? Take a peek at this informative video to learn of the many different types and colors of Marble before you limit yourself!!!!

Marble types

This is strictly informative video to educate possible consumers on the various types of Marble, it's history, and it's place of origin.

~~~~~~~~ Granite ~~~~~~~~

Did you ever wonder where your granite counter top or granite floor came from?? Here's a little video that takes you through the process and reveals the stones origin. Click the play button and enjoy.

Granite - How Its Made

Granite comes out of quarry, but how they make those granite slabs for your countertops? Here's how its made. Thanks to Discovery Channel for this very educational video.



This following images are a few individual patterns to give you ideas for your next possible renovation or possible remodel. If you do see a particular pattern that interests you, and would like to learn more about that particular pattern, its possible applications and percentages of each size tile needed to complete that pattern, you can contact us through email or by phone.

You can identify each pattern by their number in the upper right hand corner.

There are tons of patterns to choose from, but these are only a few to get you started. I will add more in the near future.

Please flip through the gallery to view what I've already added. We're definitely not limited to just the following design patterns. I will add more as I get the chance to. Just because you may not see a pattern that you have in mind, doesn't mean we don't do it. R.J. Precision Marble and Tile is capable of anything your imagination can dream up. We will turn your concept into a reality.

A mosaic style inspired by the ancient mosaic art form of Pietre Dura, Beau Monde creates elaborate imagery using exquisitely cut and finely fitted stones. Beau Monde presents a fresh and updated graphic interpretation. Many patterns are current, yet nod to the timeless glamour of Old Hollywood, as represented by the name for each pattern in Ann Sacks latest line. For special installation pricing of Ann Sacks tile, click here

Here are a select few of the Pietra Dura style stone mosaics that are available, to give you an idea of the endless amounts of artistic designs that can be achieved.

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