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About Us

~~~~~~~~~~ OUR HISTORY ~~~~~~~~~~

My name is Richard Joseph Gross, one of two sons by my mother and father, Richie and Sharon Gross. My brother Kevin and I are extremely fortunate to have been raised in the manner we were by our parents exposed to proper morality, the distinction between right and wrong, virtue, empathy, compassion and respect for others. I'm extremely proud of my family and our ethical standards in which I have grown to call my own. I have now carried them over into the way I conduct my business. I am the owner and sole proprietor of

R.J. Precision Marble and Tile.  

With over ten years of experience in this trade, I perceive myself as highly knowledgeable and extremely qualified for any type of bathroom or kitchen renovation. Primarily working in the marble and tile industry, but have grown and expanded into bathroom and kitchen remodeling. I originally started off in the mason, stone and tile industry as a summer job to help out my uncle and make some money at the same time while I was still in high school and eventually began my apprenticeship the following year. I was studying drafting at the time, being that I loved to draw and was looking to possibly make a career out of it through architecture. Though I've chosen a different path along the similar road of construction, I remain fluent and capable of reading, understanding and drafting up small plans for your renovation. I also have taken numerous business courses, with the intent of one day owning my own business, and here I stand. But I must tell you, NO amount of classroom education would have been able to give me the experience, training, superior craftsmanship, and esoteric knowledge that my family has given to me for this trade. A good amount of my family members were and are to this day stone and tile masons. I love history, and am proud to know of my family's rolls in past local developments and am eager to site new ones in the future. Being that my family all had their own individual businesses, I had the fortunate opportunity to work side by side with a few of them for great lengths of time. In doing so, I've learned different styles, different techniques, multiple setting procedures, trade secrets and intrinsic family knowledge for this industry.

Everyone has their own specific way they

choose to do something, whether it's the procedure or products they choose to use,. etc. and after favorable circumstances of multiple family tile, stone, marble and granite businesses, sharing and passing their knowledge along to me, I've compiled the greatest, foremost, highest quality setting and installation procedures, which I believe to be the most efficient and highest grade construction meeting, if not exceeding, all code requirements. 

~~~~~~~~~~ My Certification and License ~~~~~~~~~~

I am a licensed, certified and fully insured home improvement contractor for residential home improvement in the state of Connecticut. The following document is my Home Improvement

Contractors Certificate for the state of Connecticut and my registration number. I am fully insured, so you can rest assure we're covered in the case of an emergency. However, "I", being extremely clean, cautious and totally aware of my surroundings within a work environment, have NEVER had a single occurrence where something was damaged or broken beyond repair.

I am extremely cautious and my business has an excellent track record, and together we've become very reputable, just look at our testimonials and ask for our reference list. Another thing you will NEVER experience with R.J. Precision Marble and Tile, is the excessive over bidding of a job! There are a number of contractors who will bid a job extremely high in the hopes that they DON'T get the job, because it's a lot of work, the lack of accessibility, or it's just beyond their capabilities, but if by chance they do get the job, they figure well at least they're getting paid well for the headache they're enduring, from the job that they didn't want to deal with in the first place. If that is the case then how can you expect their best work, when they have no passion for the work they do, especially the work in your home? R.J. Precision Marble and Tile treats every project as if it were my own. 100% As if it were in my residence. As if it were art, and I was going to sign my name at the bottom of it in the hopes that everyone would be able to know who had completed this masterpiece. I want every project R.J. Precision Marble and Tile completes to be a masterpiece. I want to bring back the integrity, honesty and true craftsmanship that the stone and tile industry has strayed away from in the more recent years, and deliver the, inadvertently forgotten respect, for the true, stone and tile masons that is much deserved. Through myself, and through my business, I vow to deliver this.

~~~~~~~~~~ Our Client Relationship ~~~~~~~~~~

When you choose R.J. Precision Marble and Tile for your renovation, whether it be large or small, you're going to feel a little more then just a "client/business relationship". I believe when you decide to remodel a living space within your home, it's going to need to compliment you. It's going to need to reflect you and work with your every day lifestyle or routine, it's got to be comparable to your needs. So we're going to spend a little bit more time then making sure that your choices are exactly what you want and not rush you into a philistine decision before you've had the chance to consider the millions of exquisite designs and or before I've had the chance to hear any and all of your thoughts and possible design ideas. I'm going to take the time and work with you, so I fully understand your needs and expectations, so we can turn your vision, into a reality.

After setting up an estimate or appointment with us we can choose to meet at a desired Tile showroom or flooring distributor of your choice if you haven't already purchased the tile you want, or even if you'd like to get some ideas or prices from different manufacturers and importers. However, if you find something elsewhere, that's perfectly fine too and I can personally meet you for a consultation at your convenience whether it be a home, showroom or office setting. We can send email back and fourth if it's more convenient for you just to bounce renovation ideas off one another. 

~~~~~~~~~~ Our Client Relationship ~~~~~~~~~~

R.J. Precision Marble and Tile is fully dedicated to help you through your complete remodeling process. Whether it be a complete bathroom or full kitchen remodel, we are here to help you along the way. We specialize in marble, granite, stone, limestone, sandstone, natural stone, travertine, terrazzo, thossos, terracotta, mosaic, tumbled, polished, honed, flamed, sand blasted, sawned, ceramic, porcelain and glass tile, but have now expanded even further, and are implementing our knowledge of neighboring fields with numerous additional trade contractors. Such as certified electricians, licensed plumbers, carpenters, Sheetrock tapers and painters. All with their own individual companies, but sub-contracted through R.J. Precision Marble and Tile at no additional mark-up cost to make your experience as simple as possible. However, you can still use your own individual contractor for any individual job, other than the tile work being that it is the bases of this company. Also, if you're the "Do It Yourself-er" and/or just need R.J. Precision Marble and Tile to measure up the square footage for you so you know how much material you need,..we offer our detailed, accurate measurements, for a small cost. It's better to know, then to purchase too much and not be able to return it.

Personally, R.J. Precision Marble and Tile offers a wide variety of home improvement renovations. We can start out in an old bathroom, pull everything out, rip down existing walls and tile, move walls, add walls, frame out walls, insulate walls, rip up old floors, mud floors, raise floors, level floors, pitch floors, tile floors, install base moldings and rebuild the entire bathroom all the way back up. The possibilities are too many to list, but the premise once again is for marble and tile and anything correlated to this. I want my work to look its best! So I prep floor, walls, bathrooms, etc. to my preferred specification, which is exceeding code requirements. Early on in my experience, I noticed a lot of carpenters, tradesmen, whomever, would always "leave stuff for the next guy to deal with" and in turn, the tile, usually being the "last thing installed", I always got stuck fixing everyone else's work, because if I didn't, my work was going to look horrible. So I began prepping everything properly, not cutting corners and making sure that everything I personally framed out, constructed or prepared, would not only meet code requirements, but leap over them, and not only just function properly, but exist aesthetically correct also. I'm concerned about the finished product! I don't claim to do the plumbing and electric like I've previously pointed out that I don't, I sub contract them. Unlike the other contractors you find out there, who do a number of things ok,.... I DO ONE THING-EXTREMELY WELL (Marble and Tile) Just like my plumbers, electricians and carpenters, who are extremely good at what they do and who are licensed and certified. I only work with the best. When you sign on with R.J. Precision Marble and Tile, you know you're getting the most prestigious group of contractors in the area, all fully guaranteeing their work 100%

~~~~~~~~~~ Our Environmental Awareness ~~~~~~~~~~

Another important fact about myself is that I'm environmentally aware and doing everything in my power to prolong the integrity of our planet and in turn, I want my business to reflect my views and concerns. One of my concerns is about the proper disposal of items deemed useless at the end of a project. We recycle whatever we can and dispose of excess or any unusable material in proper fashion under regulatory guidelines for the state of Connecticut to ensure that we aren't detrimental to our environment. We even propose certain ideas

Also in effect as of April 22, 2010 an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

law was passed known as the Renovation, Repair and Painting Program — holds contractors responsible for following strict protocol to minimize and contain lead dust during home improvements on residences built before 1978, the year lead paint was banned in the U.S. According to EPA estimates, some 37.8 million homes and child-occupied facilities will fall under the aegis of the new rule. Many contractors are unaware of this new regulation and do not follow the strict guidelines for the proper disposal procedures when dealing with lead based paint and or other lead products.

We at R.J. Precision Marble and Tile always use proper exhaust systems, confining material and agents, along with vacuum filtration systems when dealing with any lead based paint removal. I don't even list this as a priority, because the health and well being of my clients, should be expected of me, and of any contractor for that matter. Your safety, while R.J. Precision Marble and Tile is contracted to be on a job site, is of my utmost concern. Our power tools are never left plugged in when unattended. Nor do we leave sharp objects exposed. Our job sites are cleaned up each day and tools or supplies confined in a reasonable fashion.

As the owner, R.J. Precision Marble and Tile is the -ONLY CERTIFIED RENOVATOR- in the Marble and Tile industry recognized by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the state of Connecticut, whom is certified to perform renovations consisting of the demolition and removal of lead paint.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in Fairfield County, and possibly in the best in the industry.

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