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We at R.J. Precision Marble and Tile have now made it even easier to manage your funds pertaining to our business, by allowing you to make deposits for your upcoming project to lock and schedule your renovations start date, or to make an installment payment, or to simply pay an invoice or balance.

We know that sometimes finding an envelope, acquiring a stamp and getting it to the mailbox can be a little time consuming and prove to be a tedious task. So, we've taken the hassle out of making deposits, balance and invoice payments for all you computer savvy consumers out there with "paypal" accounts. However, if you are the old fashion type who still finds comfort in the old reliable United States Postal Service, you'll be glad to know, we still except tangible payments, even the good old fashion hand to hand transfer.


We are aware that the button below says, "Donate" on it. Unfortunately, the "Make a Deposit Button" wasn't available. Plus this was our only option where you would be able to enter a specific amount specifically pertaining to your project, and transfer that specific amount to R.J. Precision Marble and Tile as either a deposit, installment, or balance payment.

Submit Deposit or Payment
To transfer funds as a deposit for an upcoming project, click the "Donate" button, follow the PayPal instructions and enter the amount you wish to transfer. You will receive a proof of payment, receipt, and confirmation once your transfer has cleared, from PayPal and also
R.J. Precision Marble and Tile.

PayPal protects your privacy and security.

For more information, read our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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