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"Featured" is a new section where every three months, we look back at the projects R.J. Precision Marble and Tile has completed for that quarter, large or small, and choose one to be displayed here on this page. When your project is chosen, you will receive a 20% off credit towards your next remodeling project with R.J. Precision Marble and Tile! "How do we choose?" you ask. We factor in everything that the project has encountered. Whether it be, the most drastic change, the most elegant look, the most economical, the most eco-friendly, the most "user friendly", the actual atmosphere of the job, the personality in itself. There are so many categories we're basing this on and so many different types of projects, that anyone's project can become a "Feature"!

-Winter 2010

This winter's Feature Project, was a complete bathroom renovation that I hold dearly as one of my favorite projects thus far. I totally enjoyed every part of this renovation. Everything from the layout, the color, and the marble itself! I love working with marble and this project ignited a passion for this profession. So to the Gargagliano family, congratulations on being the "Featured Project!"


Featured Project

-Summer 2010

This quarterly's feature was an elegant, contemporary looking Back-splash at the home of a young man named Jason. He and his wife had selected this beautiful bronzy, Ivory glass mosaic to be set as their back-splash. Together with the decorative artistic shelving and cabinets, this back-splash gave the whole back drop an added depth with such a wide spectrum of browns and tans that it could no longer be considered just a wall. Congratulations to Jason and his wife for winning this quarters "Featured Project" For more information on this back-splash project click on the "In Depth Photo & Description" You'll find out about proper setting procedures, importance of "dye lots" and what it took to get this job to be perfect!

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