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What's the right design for you?

- "An Articles validation of ones self" (by Richard Gross)

   I recently read this article in a publication I frequently flip through. The article was titled "Designing for well-being". What this article transcribed, made so much sense, "to me," in the least. More over, it validated ideas, thoughts and concepts that I believed if I had shared all of them at once with home owners in the past, while we were picking out tile, patterns and layouts, they would have viewed me as eccentric, and would not believe in the true sensibility of a design, and its shapes or patterns within it, nor appreciate their aesthetic properties which influence their everyday lives. I want to share some of this articles points in this blog to help you in the future when deciding on what your bathroom's renovation will ultimately look and feel like. The functionality of the pattern or design, is purely emotional and related to mental well being. I guess in a way, it's a branch of feng shui, but not in the aspect of material spatial arraignment. More like visuals, in the aid of enhancing your mood.

- (Richard Gross, "R.J. Precision Marble and Tile")


   The patterns on the floor or wall can either be a blend of color and/or shapes and will effect the tranquility of the mind. The elements of the design such as color, shape, line, texture, and form, have an effect on the psych. Bright and contrasting colors, and or patterns can rustle up the mind and increase blood pressure. Warm colors speed up the heart; cool colors slow down the heart.

   Master bathrooms that have a lot of texture stimulate the senses. Irregular or angled shapes, and alternative positions of objects can stimulate or calm the senses. Angled shaped can separate the users and need to be used at a minimum as they can disturb the balance. Line has power. The circle calms, and the square and rectangle creates expectation. The triangle if equal sided, creates a sense of well-being. Linear line creates a direction. Tile layouts that are horizontal appear make the room wider, where as tile layouts that are vertical make the room appear taller. There are many tricks to fool the proportions of a room. Symmetrical and or A-symmetrical design is very powerful and needs to be executed correctly or it will have an effect on the user.

   Lighting, storage, placement, color, territory, habits, history, and the human psych all influence the cabinetry layout and choices of products for this special room environment. The master bathroom has power over our lives. It is indeed a place where we "get ready to live" to create the landscape of our day.

(by Bev Adams, CMKBD, President and founder of Interior Intuitions. pg 18-19 of "Designer Baths" 8th   edition 2010)

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